pretzel logic

You are hilarious! I just have to laugh at how far you must go to twist the facts.

So there were only Nazis at Charlottesville. I guess they must have been fighting themselves. Never mind that the guy who organized the torch rally was an Occupy guy who supported Obama. I guess when he was doing kooky shit for leftist causes you would have supported him! And what happened to the talking point that the Unite the Right guys were outnumbered by counter protesters? As usual you try to have it both ways. The truth is there were torch bearing white supremacists, conservative history loving Southerners, students, Antifa, BLM, local townsfolk, Occupy people, KKK, Police and everything in between there. For the record, I think the guys with the torches are assholes. The best thing to do is ignore them. They have the right to demonstrate. I support that right. I disagree with them most strongly, but they are LOOKING FOR A FIGHT. Don't feed the trolls. A lesson I am beginning to learn with your sorry ass.

Ha ha ha, you are such a turd!

No, I did not give an exhaustive analysis of the 2008 financial crisis. But I DID say that it had many authors and gave some examples. So you are wrong. Again. And I didn't support Bush's policies. I think I made my case earlier for government to get out of things like home loan subsidies.

So Reagan was an evil supply sider that then raised taxes. Have it both ways much? Fuck, please stick to a logical argument, please.

All you have is ad hominem attacks. Calling me a Nazi, or racist or implying that I am an anti-semite because I denounce 2 people who happen to be Jewish. Is everyone who disagrees with you a racist? I guess you think so. It is you and your party that are obsessed with race. I am more interested in policy and philosophy than skin color.

Please keep this style of argument up. Anybody that would spend the time reading these posts can see that your arguments don't hold water. That is why you and your party are in so much trouble. You can only lie and distort so much before people realize it is fake news. And it does amuse me so.

I guess if I say it is a White Christmas, you will accuse me of being a racist! Hilarious!


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