Re(1): pretzel logic

You know what’s hilarious? “Conservative History Loving Southerners.” Hahaha! Is that what they are? Strange how they aren’t clamoring for monuments to be built honoring Tojo and the Kamikaze pilots at Pearl Harbor or statues to George III at Yorktown. Amazing how the crowd that refuses to watch football because black men kneel during the anthem and the crowd that wants to “MAGA” also demand respect be paid to monuments that honor those who, had they been successful, would have destroyed the country in order to preserve the enslavement of blacks. You want to talk about some god damn pretzel logic there it is.

If you had your way you would let torch wielding, heavily armed Nazi’s just march into town and do whatever the hell they want. Hurl racial slurs at people, engage in anti-Semitic chants, beat the shit out of people, maybe break into people’s homes and rape and murder them, round people who look funny up and ship them off to camps? I’m sure there were quite a few people like you in Berlin in 1933.

Another Nazi lie about the Occupy attending/Obama voting Nazi who was responsible for it. By all accounts this Nazi was a hanger on who attached himself to the efforts of Dick Spencer – avowed Nazi and Trump supporter – who did organize the event and is a close friend to Nazi Steve Miller – an advisor to your Big Daddy. But let’s believe a man who referred to the victim of the Trump Nazi terrorist attack as a “fat slob.” Anything to excuse the rest of the Nazi terrorists. Again, it is too easy to debunk your fascist lies.

Quit lying you Bush supporting Trump Nazi. You didn’t support Bush’s policies yet you support Bush’s policies as they are carried out by your Big Daddy. I know your type. You were cheerleading us into Iraq and burning Dixie Chicks CD’s. When that turned to shit you became a tea bagging asshole suddenly caring about the deficit and constitution. When that went up in smoke you embraced full white supremacy and began to worship Big Daddy. And when he gets thrown out/voted out his time in office will be conveniently glossed over.

Yes, Reagan was an evil supply sider who, like all supply siders, cut taxes on the rich and paid for them by raising taxes and cutting services on the poor and working class. Your chart was utter bull shit – I see that has gone down the memory hole like all of my other accurate counter arguments to your spoon fed Nazi propaganda.

And now the poor Trump Nazi snowflake doesn’t like being called out for what he is – a racist Nazi. The same snowflake who calls people vermin, and leftists, and Alinskyites, and “liberal fascists” has his jack boot laces in a knot over being exposed for the stupid Nazi he is.

Not everyone who disagrees with me is a racist. Just those who say the only reason people voted for Obama was because he was a half-black, the only reason he amounted to anything was because he spoke proper English, and people who joke about being offended by White Christmas. No, the Trump Nazi’s are enraged that this country twice elected a black man to be its president by margins that only your Big Daddy and his press secretary of the week, and you, can lie about just like you lie about everything else. And now they want revenge. You are open in your racism. I know you would love nothing more than for the day to arrive when you could turn in those people down the street who put a Hillary sign in their yard into law enforcement. If you ignorant racist fucks continue to destroy this country that day will come.


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