Re(8): pretzel logic

Treason? WTF? I knew I could count on you! Hilarious!

If Congress were to impeach Trump (and they won't) they sure as shit won't list treason in the articles of impeachment. The last time they floated this shit they were making a case that Trump was crazy and would make an impeachment case based on the 25th amendment's provision for Presidential illness. What a laugh! So voters chose a crazy guy instead of the smartest woman in the world! BWAHAHAHA. So will you will admit you guys lost to a guy that is NUTS? BWHAHAHAHAA.

Listen dipshit, first you libtards would have to get control of Congress. Both houses. Then you would have to sell that crap to the American people. Your media outlets have been thoroughly discredited. The only people who believe their lies are brainwashed partisan fuckheads like you! People won't accept your lies anymore. Period.

This, more than any other thing you have written, proves that you are living in a rainbow colored unicorn inhabited DREAMWORLD.

And you are the Nazi. You march in lockstep with your party leaders, and can't think for yourself. Please name ONE way in which you differ from party orthodoxy. YOU CAN'T. or won't admit it. You are the one who desires a one party state. You are the one who can't have an honest debate because you think everyone who opposes you is an evil racist. You are the one who tortures the language in an attempt to frame the debate. You are the one obsessed with race. You are the one who worships government (as long as your party is in charge). You are the progressive socialist. YOU ARE THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST. YOU ARE THE NAZI.

I am the one who distrusts government power. I am the one who prefers smaller government, lower taxes, cutting spending. Ending corporate welfare. Rolling back crony capitalism. How could I possibly be a Nazi? The one way you try to conflate me with the fascists is by trying to label me a racist. Which isn't even true. Weak tea, broham.

The Airing of Grievances portion has concluded for this Festivus season. On to the Feats of Strength. Where you will fare equally poorly, you little soy-boy.


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