Re(12): pretzel logic

A punctuation error is a mistake in typing. What you made was an error of usage. You don't even know that. Because you are a know-it-all that doesn't know shit.

And, must you mimic everything I do? Now you are happy too. Now you are laughing too. Where is the seething rage from earlier posts? Your fake happy face is the funniest act you have put on yet. It must be tiresome putting on an act all the time, and trying to figure out which side to show the world.

I know your hate is still there. You can't stand that Trump is President, and all your pathetic attempts have failed. And that people you hate beat you in the election. Wait until the wall is built and all the hopes you had for a permanent majority go back down across the border.

Weren't you complaining that the Republicans were the party of "no" during Obummer's reign? And now not one single Democrat votes for the tax bill. Where is your outrage? Hypocrite.

Kwanzaa IS a joke, even you think so, but couldn't possibly admit it. That is what makes you a hypocrite.

And again, you are the Nazi, you socialist pajama boy.


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