Re(13): pretzel logic

Uh oh, apparently typing errors will NOT be tolerated in the new Trump Reich. I better get on that.

I've been laughing all along you asshole starting with the history lesson and Big Daddy slobberjob you offered up that started all this. I've maintained a steady sense of humor throughout - how could I not with the likes of you!

Yes, The Repedophiles stealing another election and getting in the backdoor through the appeasement to slave holding states known as the electoral college is frustrating. But since the collective IQ of your Big Daddy and his followers is about 30 I'm not too worried.

Oh oh! The New Berlin Wall! Is Mexico still going to pay for it?! Hahahahaha!

So what if they voted no? My and others outrage is how the Democrats bent over backward to obtain Repedophile support - even adopting their own ideas - to only have the Repedophiles still vote against it and lie about how they weren't included in discussions and lie about their own ideas. The Repedophiles made no effort to include Democrats in negotiations and jammed it through without hearings or proper debate. So why should they vote for it - especially a
toxic piece of shit like the Trump Tax Scam? Because Big Daddy said so and he must be obeyed?

Just keep on railing about Holidays that black people celebrate racist. I think you really enjoy being called a racist - so just be honest and embrace your Nazism as well and I think you'll feel better.

And more name calling. I thought that violated your snowflake sensibilities? What joke you are.


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