Re(14): pretzel logic

It wasn't a typing error. You did it more than once exactly the same. It is a usage error. You can't admit to doing anything wrong. Ever.

And you are a copycat.

And you excuse behavior from Democrats that you excoriate Republicans for. That is why you are a hypocrite.

And you can't admit that Reagan or Bush or Trump won. Sore LOSER. Do you see a pattern here? It is a clear sign of narcissism. Well if you could see yourself as others do, you would know that you are a twisted, hideous, racist, nazi.

And almost NOBODY celebrates Kwanzaa except for the students of that one teacher who makes her entire class do something Kwanzaa related to try and indoctrinate them, so they will become good little black nationalist socialist stooges. And the students don't care as long as there is no homework.

And if you have never heard black people make fun of Kwanzaa, then you have not been paying attention. It is NOT a religious celebration, it is supposed to be a CULTURAL celebration. Made up by a former black nationalist radical. Who likes to abuse women. And talks to blankets.

And it was you who made fun of Kwanzaa first. And won't admit it. So you are the racist nazi hypocrite.


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