Re(15): pretzel logic

Jesus Christ, what a whiny little brat you are. Makes sense you supported one for president. Can’t back up any of your other arguments but I’m a sloppy typist so there! Whatever soothes your chapped snowflake ass.

I’m a copycat? Nananana boo boo?

On January 20th 2009, when black man Obama had the nerve to become President after winning in a landslide following 8 years of Bush misrule – which you loved – the swamp dwelling con establishment – which you also love – gathered and determined to do everything possible to obstruct Obama during the worst economic crisis since the Depression. Even if it meant opposing their own ideas and policies they have supported. It culminated in the heist of a Supreme Court Justice. As I recall during one of my previous destructions of you you had no problem with this and defended it as politics. So if you didn’t have a problem with the Repedophiles doing it you really shouldn’t have a problem with Democrats voting against legislation that is against much of what they stand for and campaigned on. The fact that you do makes you a hypocrite and a particularly filthy and dishonest one at that. But not a shock - you are a Trump Nazi after all.

When did I deny Reagan won? I said he committed treason by colluding with the Iranians and delaying the release of the hostages with promises of a better deal - which laid the groundwork for Iran Contra where your idol committed impeachable crimes. Sound familiar? DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE? Hahahaha! Would he have won without it? I don’t know but it doesn’t erase the fact that he did it. Your boy Dubya on the other hand – I guess it’s easy to “win” when your brother disenfranchises millions and your Dad’s friends on the Supreme Court appoint you. A little easier than having Vlad work with your kids. Hahahahaha!

Two more paragraphs trashing Kwanzaa. Are you still butt hurt about my joke regarding your make believe war on Christmas or that Trump sent out Kwanzaa greetings to the blacks? I imagine that’s quite a betrayal. Oh well, I wouldn’t worry too much. It was probably just a spokesperson since Big Daddy was busy working today out on the golf course.

Getting pretty stale Nazi. And a bit weird.


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