Re(6): Tax Bill Passed

I really don't want to insult you, Reality but if you have been around long enough to judge presidents back to about Eisenhower, you'd know Obama was an uncommon leader with a good temperament and what he failed to accomplish was because of his color and the Southern racists like Mitch McConnell. The Republicans didn't get the moniker, "Party of NO" for good reason. Mitch hated Obama so much he flat out said right after the election that he would work to see that Obama was a one term president. He and the GOP leadership were obstructionists. They all need to die off and soon. Maybe 2018 is just the ticket to clean em all out for all they've done is give their rich donors a big break and screw the 90 percent middle class. In no way was that good for the country.

I'd gently suggest you look back at our mostly rural nation when the Founders were setting up a new government. They did some good things. Second amendment turned out to be not one of them, but we didn't know that until about 25 years ago after the bears and Brits and Indians were gone, so we started attacking each other, mostly over drugs which the FF's had no clue about. And what we did to the former black slaves, which we kept ignorant because of our bigotry, we brought that on ourselves by not educating them and not hiring them.

I think you might be too young to understand how we totally screwed them for the entire 20th century.

And that little rantlet about the FF's and us not keeping their vision, maybe you screwed off and didn't study history. Did you go to college and read a book that wasn't just full of entertaining pictures? Corporate America and the banksters totally changed the landscape and the role of gumment was redefined to keep the monopolistic capitalists in check. Like today, they will take your last nickel because you haven't been paying attention. The media is for entertainment and music. No learning happens. What a waste of bandwidth! That's how a conman like Donald Trump can work the TV networks and win. They did it for ratings and by the time they realized they'd been HAD, it was too late. And the dumbest of our population won the day and all he does is spread hate and play golf.

Once again, we have no one to blame but ourselves. What does local TV do? Fill their airtime between commercials with weather and crime...all cheaply gathered. The great TV stations are long gone now and the reporters have all been laid off and long gone. Thank corporate TV for that. Out of town ownership in it for the buck.

Its going to be hard to reverse things after we blow Trump out of here. Republicans want to disassemble government so corporate America can be greedy unimpeded. If you think its the dems who did that, you just weren't paying attention.


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