Re(7): Tax Bill Passed

To "we did it"
Of course Mitch was opposed to an Obama 2nd term, he is from the opposing party! That doesn't mean he is a racist.
And who is the party of NO now? Not one single Democrat voted for the tax bill! That is some serious partisanship.

The reason the Founders included the 2nd amendment was not for bears or Indians, it was as a check on government tyranny. Read the Federalist Papers if you don't believe me. It is a book without pictures that I borrowed from the Library when I was in 7th grade.

Why are you making assumptions about my age? Why are you trying to condescend to me? I will go toe to toe on American History with you or anyone on this board anytime.

When you talk about media being just entertainment and media, you are just plain wrong. Youtube is the greatest repository of how to videos ever assembled. PBS broadcasts compelling things all the time. The internet has made access to information easier than it has ever been. Yes, many people just watch porn and listen to music, but that is their shortcoming.

If you think the Republicans are somehow the backers of big business and the Democrats are the defenders of the working man, you are one deluded chap. In this country BOTH parties are corporate controlled. I doubt I am going to make inroads with you on Trump, being that you have been brainwashed by the overwhelming negative coverage of him, but the reason why establishment politicians of both sides opposed him (and continue to oppose him) is because he stood up to the bankster interests that have shipped all our manufacturing jobs overseas.

you wrote: "Republicans want to disassemble government so corporate America can be greedy unimpeded."
You have this 180 degrees out of phase. Corporations control their competition with governments policies that they pay to be enacted. Why do you think government is so great? The FFs saw the dangers of a powerful central government, and tried to create a bull-work against it. Now we live in a police state, with endless foreign wars, with a military-industrial complex that wags the dog. We have a quasi governmental central bank that is accountable to no one, and has never been audited. Long standing institutions like the State Department, the FBI, and the Pentagon feel like they are autonomous and can ignore the will of the elected President.

Big government controlled by corporate oligarchs is the problem. They give cash to BOTH sides. The way to fix it is to LIMIT THE SIZE AND SCOPE OF GOVERNMENT.


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