Re(8): Tax Bill Passed

Its always easier to pull quotes out of someone's treatise and argue agaisnt it. Your comments stop short of painting an accurate picture. Of course both parties contribute to lots of candidates. The issue is how MUCH? Would you agree most contributors donate the bigger guns in
return for donations and more relaxed regulations? And Republicans tend to favor big energy? And sweetheart deals
to cut through red tape. That's where they get you.

I do subscribe to the notion that bearing arms keeps government honest to a degree but lawmen have protestors by the nuts today. I wouldn't try a shoot em up with local gendarmes today.... they have more firepower, better intelligence and communications. Didn't we see that in Oregon? They just waited em out. If you're going to argue against me fine, but be less dishonest. Go for truth, not just a forensic victory, okay? I'm never impressed with internet debaters who only argue one side, and usually take the easy side. Like you did. That's a no risk deal. Seen it many times but other readers are left in the dark with such partisanship and they don't get a clear picture, for example, of just how effective the 2nd amendment would be against militarized government! The government will shut down your cellphones and where would you be then? And who knows how much they know about you? Red Dawn, the two films are good lessons, no matter how romantic it is the high school kids will win some skirmishes. The Gestapo took out the was only allied bombing that took out the Germans. Do you agree?


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