Re(9): Tax Bill Passed

No, I am not arguing forensically. I truly believe and support the positions I take. This is not a debate class. This is the real world.

Yes, you are correct that the citizenry is outgunned by the government, but you are missing the point. The goal of the 2nd amendment is not necessarily to achieve a parity of force between the people and the government, but merely to make subjugation of the populace a costly and therefore unlikely choice. It is a form of deterrence, plain and simple. If the government did start to use force en masse, it might cost them a few lives, but more importantly it would cost them credibility. A government seen as illegitimate would therefore be under political pressure too. Surely the government would win a conventional battle, but an armed insurgency with popular support would be nearly impossible to defeat.

Are you saying that only Republicans cut red tape for their political donors? Certain groups give more to certain sides. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple give more to Democrats. Big Oil gives more to Republicans. But they still give plenty to Democrats too. It is a legal shakedown racket. In the last election cycle Wall Street gave MUCH more money to Hillary than Donald. How does that comport with your theory? Hillary raised 1.1 Billion. Donald only 350 Million. Outside money (that not given by the respective political parties) from Super PACs the difference is more stark. Hillary got $188 Million, and Donald only $25 Million. So I would have to conclude that Hillary was the candidate more in debt to big corporate interests than Donald.

The Germans were not defeated by Allied bombing. The bombing weakened them, but it was the Red Army that defeated Hitler in the field. The Soviets also paid the biggest price. 55 million dead. The US likes to take credit for victory in WWII. While the US did defeat Japan, the Axis was a group effort with the USSR doing the heavy lifting. The Gestapo was not really a factor in Germany's loss.


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