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Re(1): Quotes

I asked the author about search strings that could be used and this was the response:
"I used Postgres's built-in full text searching capabilities. The backend's in rails and the pg_search gem does most of my work for me...
Postgres searches all of the words you submit individually (so basically OR queries), but it'll rank results that are closer to your full string higher. It doesn't parse booleans or quoting strings and such, alas..."

What I interpreted from that is that you can't use 'and' or quotes to force it to search for what you're after, but results with the most keywords will come up first.

If you're sure something's on Goss and you know a phrase that will be in it, I can do all sorts of tricky boolean searches of my hard drive which has Goss (& hopefully ephemeral in the next day or so - only 25000 odd files to go now) as well as xemplary, freaky tikki's, church of x, eXtremis, and the MSRchick2000 one so far, so if you want to give me the search terms I can take a look. You can get me through the website in Re(1): Brilliant if you don't want to post details here.

I have a list of sites I'm still waiting to download from archive.org but I can only do one at a time. And one of them has 63,578 URLs, so I might have to give that a miss... at least until next month's internet allowance comes through. I can't wait to be able to do decent archive searches of sites that don't come up in google!

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