Re(9): Format Change?

You are the one that acts like a child. When clearly proven wrong you double down.

"you are really lucky" - yes I am. I am lucky to have such an easy opponent to mock. You act like such a paternalistic asshole, like you are going to teach us all a good lesson, or that you see it as your responsibility to come on this board and tell us the way it is. Your opinion, and that is all that it is, is worth no more and no less than anyone else's (proper use of apostrophe "s") in this world. Facts are what matter, and when you are shown them time and time again you make excuses or change the subject. It is textbook narcissism, and it some of the funniest shit I have ever seen.

No temper tantrum here. My guy is in the White House making the policies that I and half the country voted for. Hillary is in political oblivion, and won't return to the national spotlight unless she dies or gets indicted. The media have taken every shot they could at Trump and he is still standing. You guys are out of ammo and the battle is just starting. People like you can't stand it, and have elaborate theories involving some wishful thinking about how it is all going to turn their way. Hysterical! Laff-a-minute! Good Times!

Listen, Chicken Little, please never stop being the dickweed that you are. I know you won't disappoint me.


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