Re(10): Format Change?

Excuse me dipshit, you haven’t proven me wrong at all on anything. When I rip one of your nazi talking points to shreds you play the “what about, remember when” game. When that failed you started critiquing my typing and talking to yourself and pretending you were me.

You haven’t shown any facts - just lies and propaganda. Much like your big daddy and when it’s pointed out what a liar, fraud, and Nazi you you whine in such a way that would make your beloved big daddy proud.

Right, the battle is just starting. And when you and big daddy lose you’ll just do everything you can to destroy the country and turn it into the autocracy you desperately desire where us libtards will be done away with. Just like I was saying all along you nazi thug. You are so close to admitting it, it won’t be long.

And half the country didn’t support him. Most did not and only the hardcore nazi thugs like you still support him.


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