Re(11): Format Change?

" you’ll just do everything you can to destroy the country and turn it into the autocracy"

That is pretty rich coming from the moron who is constantly trying to provocateur a race war.

Isn't it funny how you are always calling somebody a Nazi? You have no nuance whatsoever. I disagree with you so I am automatically just like a member of the most evil regime in history. Right. And you are oblivious to what real Nazism was. You were the one supporting Antifa as they tried to violently shut down free speech. You are the progressive socialist. You are the one obsessed with race. You are so much closer to being a Nazi than I will ever be.

So people that support Trump are ALL Nazi thugs. Well how inclusive and tolerant you are, Mr. Liberal. 46% still support him, after having 95% negative coverage for nearly 2 years. Same 1st year end approval rate as Obama who had fawning coverage 24/7. You guys have shot your wad. Nobody believes your lies anymore.

And maybe we will lose. The wall isn't built yet. But right now we are winning. Supreme Court and other judges. Check. Economy humming. Check. Tax reform. Check. And you can't stand it. You malign and whine and cry like a little bitch. And it is funny as hell.

Night night soy-boy.


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