Re(12): Format Change?

No, calling someone a racist who asserts the only reason people voted for Obama was due to his skin color, that the only reason he amounted to anything was because he spoke proper English, and then spent God only knows how many posts trashing Kwanzaa is not trying to start a race war. It’s citing the fact that you are racist scum.

I’m not always calling someone a Nazi. Just those who defend and sympathize with them. Or, you know, those who actually are like Dick Spencer and Steve Miller – who both have your Big Daddy’s ear and, in the case of Miller, actually work with him. I love how while you’re whining about being called what you are you then offer up the standard backdoor defense of the Trump Nazi Terrorists – that it was all antifa’s fault. Sorry asshole – as I said earlier if Trump Nazi Terrorists come looking for a fight and bloodshed they will likely find it. Of course in your hideous worldview we're all supposed to sit back and admire the hate and death.

No liar, 46% do not support him. He has 35 on a good day. And I can only imagine the level of whining that would be coming from you Nazi hypocrites if any Democrat entered office under the same circumstances as Big Daddy or your other hero whose policies you support and defend - George Walker Bush.

Perhaps the coverage wouldn’t be so negative if Big Daddy wasn’t such a horrible human being and a pathological liar who has surrounded himself with other con artists and liars. I mean it’s a bit hard for the coverage not to be negative when Big Daddy and his collection of sycophantic assholes are spewing lies and hate and being discovered to have engaged in criminality on a daily basis.

Yeah, your Berlin Wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. More lies and more authoritarianism. Yes, you are winning. Son of corrupt Reagan lackey and friend to oligarchs everywhere now occupying a stolen Supreme Court seat? Check. Stacking the courts with people who have absolutely no qualifications to be a judge who can rubber stamp your Big Daddy’s authoritarian desires? Check. Taking credit for a humming economy that Big Daddy inherited? Check. A tax scam that you support and love despite it doing everything you claim to oppose further proving you are a know nothing, hypocritical Nazi? You got it. Dubya 2.0. You loved it then and you love it now.

Have fun ringing in the New Year starting another thread where you talk to yourself and lick your wounds snowflake.


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