Re(16): Format Change?

REALITY, your screeds heaping praise on your big daddy and the Dubya policies he is reimplementing that you adore would be hysterically funny if you werenít such a disingenuous little shit.

Look YOUR TEACHER, you constantly disregard one poll after another that shows your big daddy being utterly reviled as fake news because they also predicted Hillary.

So what do you do then EXACTLY? You cite a notoriously right wing poll that is consistently wrong and an outlier showing your big daddy is less reviled. Of course this same poll also predicted Hillary.

Naturally, being the sanctimonious liar you are UH REALLY, you are now moving the goal posts to saying this particular poll was more accurate than the others which of course is grade A horseshit.

Alas, ANCHORS AWAY, facts and logic just continue to interfere with your Nazi ideology. Not you care. The bigger the lie the more people who will believe it right, PUNDIT?

Listen, DO US ALL A FAVOR, because Iíve been so hard on you exposing your lies and Nazism this week, and because there are two days left for Kwanzaa celebrations, Iíll do you a solid. So you donít have to keep changing your name Iíve decided to come up with one for you. I think youíll like it because it perfectly sums you up. Ready?


I mean I think it just perfectly encapsulates what a despicable, lying, Nazi, twit you are.


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