“Please, Please, Don’t Tell Me Again”

WeekEND daytime radio is even worse than weekDAY daytime radio. Rather than somebody complaining about everything political, like we get on weekdays, on Saturdays and Sundays we get clowns telling us about vitamins to cure ailments we never even knew we had OR some crook who thinks WE are fools, telling us to send all of our money to him so he can invest it for us.

I know, I know, it’s mostly MY fault for living so long and living alone. I don’t have a wife to nag me all day long or a pet to feed and clean up after. Daytime TV is a wasteland, so - - daytime radio is the closest thing I can get to human companionship.

It gets so bad, I often resort to NPR. WeekDAY NPR is OK if you’re concerned about poachers who are killing endangered species in sub-Saharan Africa or liberal-leaning news; I’m not. WeekEND NPR is lost to yuppie puppies in NYC, playing the equivalent of radio “Jeopardy,” asking “cute” questions about movies, music and books that nobody straight and living west of Newark would know OR care about. I am straight and I do live west of Newark, so - - - -

On Saturdays, one of those yuppie puppy NYC radio shows is, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” Their questions are the typical shit I don’t know or care about, and to make things worse, the show is REPEATED on Sundays!!!

My request to KCUR: “Please, Please, Don’t Tell Me Again.” PLEASE don’t repeat that show on Sundays.



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