Re(17): Format Change?

"disingenuous" Really? Do you know what that word means? I don't think so. I can't both be a Nazi AND a disingenuous troll. Please make up your mind.

That was a hateful little speech you gave there Mr. Libtard. I thought liberals were supposed to be inclusive and tolerant. I guess that is just for views you approve of. Meaning that you are a first rate hypocrite or that YOU are disingenuous.

We have have already determined that you stand with your party ahead of free speech. Same goes with human life. Same goes with the rule of law. Why should I be surprised that you are a habitual LIAR? Such slavish devotion to party has some historical precedents. Hitler youth. Mao's little red book. Your liberal fascism is just the latest incarnation of the attempt at one party rule and unabridged state power.

And really YOU are calling me out for using different screen names? Pot meet kettle. At least I know when to use an apostrophe "s".

Thanks for the lulz! When you get all triggered and get even more unhinged, it is really funny! I am laughing anyway.


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