Re(18): Format Change?

Sure you can. You make shit up, disregard factual evidence, pretend you’re me, and accuse me of doing things I don’t do. I know how you Nazi trolls operate and it is on full display how you operate fucking asshole.

Pointing how you are lying your ass off yet again is hateful and intolerant? This coming from a hateful intolerant piece of waste such as yourself fucking asshole? Rich. Any news on the Mexican funded Berlin Wall which will keep out those who don't quite line up with your white ethno state?

Now that another lie and talking point has bit the dust we’re now on to sanctity of life and rule of law. How’s that CHIP funding coming along? Going to get tough now that Big Daddy‘s 15 million dollar tax cut is in place that will increase premiums. Rule of Law? The crowd that is doing everything they possibly can to undermine the investigation into Russian-Big Daddy collusion and wants to “purge” and “cleanse” the FBI of people who don’t worship the ground your Big Daddy walks on really doesn’t have much room to talk about law and order. Only a matter of time before Big Daddy follows in your hero Dubya’s footsteps and starts purging the Justice Department.

C’mon fucking asshole, I don’t use different screen names. Only one person kicks you around like I do. And I sure do leave a mark, don’t I fucking asshole?

Fucking asshole says I’m triggered (Trump Nazi language – you just can’t make this shit up) yet starts threads talking to himself and pretends he’s me in an attempt to deny facts and evidence proving he’s lying Nazi scum.

Say it with me fucking asshole – Too. Easy.


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