Re(20): Format Change?

Yep, you did use my name you lying fucking asshole. Just like Big Daddy, you double down when caught in a falsehood. Two narcissistic peas in a pod you two.

Not really bragging just pointing out the obvious. The fact you can't let any of this go shows I have really hit a nerve. How many different avenues have you traveled down in these threads only to be smacked down repeatedly and further exposed for the Nazi hack you are? Yet you keep coming back with more lies, more name calling, and more projection because you just can't admit you were duped and are wrong. You are solely motivated by nothing more than sticking it to libtards and your blinding hatred of those you feel are unworthy - regardless of how much you contradict your supposed beliefs and the harm you do to yourself. My point all along. The question you have yet to answer - what won't you do to advance Big Daddy's agenda?

I think you're the one in desperate need of some help. I can only imagine how difficult it is to accept you idolize a con man and that your entire ideology is built on nothing but oligarch funded lies. Don't worry fucking asshole, you'll get through this.


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