Re(21): Format Change?

You are like a mimic. You must like my style. First the laughing. Then the words "narcissist", "projection", and "double down". And last the suggestion to get some "help."
If I didn't know any better I would think I was conversing with a simulation!

Every time I think "this idiot has gone too far...he can't really be such a fucktard!", then you come back with a post like that. Priceless.

"you idolize a con man" - no that is what you did with Obama. I don't idolize ANYONE. Sports figures, musicians, but especially not politicians. I voted for Trump. I support Trump because he is following through with campaign promises. I was disappointed and said so when he committed more troops to Afghanistan. I will continue to support Trump as long is he is living up to his commitments. Idolize him? Hell no.

In contrast, you defended Obama ALWAYS. He promised to close Gitmo. It was one of the few things I supported him on. Prior to Obama, it was George W. Bush who pushed the policy of warehousing "enemy combatants" at Gitmo. I thought it was bad then, and said so. Obama had 8 years to close Gitmo, and didn't do it, and you and your libtard buddies DIDN'T SAY SHIT. Obama campaigned on getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and I supported that too. But he fucked us all. And you can't admit that he ever did anything wrong. And if I do, then you call me a racist. It must be hard figuring out which policies to support if you are a liberal such as yourself. First you have to find out what your leadership thinks. And it might change. And then you must change your mind too. I better not hear a fucking word from you criticizing our involvement in Afghanistan, because you and yours have ZERO credibility on that issue.

Now say some more stupid shit to make me laugh.


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