Re(22): Format Change?

You want to know what is priceless. After your faithful recitation of wingnut propaganda went up in flames and when your pathetic attempts at trolling and bullying got thrown back in your face, to now see the original handle return along with the whole “I’m a high-minded libertarian type who has grave problems with both parties” in a sad effort to cover your tracks. Unfortunately, that cover was blown long ago.

You don’t give a shit about Gitmo. You want to know why I know you don’t give a shit? Why don’t we take a look at a few choice quotes from the clown you think is doing just a terrific job…but who you in no way admire.

“We’re going to keep, as you know, Gitmo, we’re keeping that open."

“And Gitmo? We’re not closing Gitmo. We’re going to fill it up! We’re not closing Gitmo.

“Send him to Gitmo.”

No, Obama failed to close Gitmo and he should have closed it. But he did transfer nearly 200 detainees reducing the number of people held there to 41. Here is what your beloved President had to say about Obama transferring detainees …

"There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield

Here is your Big Daddy lying about these detainees..

"122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!"

Golly, I guess your failure to mention your president’s views on this topic is a totally honest oversight on your part and not further evidence of what a disingenuous, lying piece of shit you are.

Trump ran an explicitly Islamophobic campaign, he has banned immigrants from coming from Muslim countries that don’t do business with him (something you get on here and brag about incessantly), and he also wants to build the new Berlin Wall, in part, to keep non-existent terrorists from entering the country. And you just love all of it.

And no, Obama didn’t fuck us all. He carried out the status of forces agreement in Iraq that your idiot president claimed created ISIS. And he campaigned on a renewed focus on Afghanistan. I disagreed with this but to say he promised to get us out of Afghanistan is a blatant lie. And, really, a Bush supporting asshole such as yourself really has no business lecturing anyone about Iraq and Afghanistan. I see your president has ushered in the New Year trashing Pakistan. Smooth move – very stabilizing.

Obama was far from a perfect President but he is light years ahead of the moron in office now and he handed off a pretty good situation to your Big Daddy. Certainly far better than what he inherited from George W. Bush – who you voted for twice and whose policies you continue to defend.

You want to know what is some truly dumb shit? You continuing to come on here and believing anyone will take you seriously. I imagine this post will, as you Trump Nazis are fond of saying, trigger you to revert to full wingnut – maybe start up a thread with one of your various handles and have a lively conservation with yourself.


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