Re(23): Format Change?

I am glad we both agree that Gitmo should be closed, but that was not my point in bringing it up. It was to show how Obama broke his campaign promise about closing it. I prefer honest disagreement to dishonest agreement. But that is the difference between us. You worship liars like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. At least they were good liars. You are a shitty liar. An proven liar. A stupid liar.

Obama promised to get out of Afghanistan, and you know it. I shouldn't need to provide evidence for this because it is SO WELL KNOWN. Next you will try and excuse it somehow or call me a racist. That is your M.O.

Why you would call me a liar when you are the liar? Why would you accuse me of having a "conversation" with myself? Why would you assume I defend every single thing Trump does? Projection. You do these things, so you assume I do too.

Pakistan was never a good ally. Their military is riddled with traitors, and bribes are the order of the day. We worked so hard to secure Pakistan's nukes and protect our flank in Afghanistan. I guess you prefer that we keep giving them pallets full of untraceable cash like your boy 0bummer did with Iran. Soon Iran will have a nuke too. Thanks, Obama.

Why do you love Islamic countries so much? Why don't you move to one? Afraid they will throw you off a roof for being queer?

Yep. I voted for W. twice. Look who he ran against! You think Bush was my first choice? Bush made some major mistakes, don't try and claim that I support all of them. That is DISINGENUOUS, and you know it. But you still haven't admitted a single thing Obama did wrong, and try and rewrite history to defend him. You are the ideologue. You are the hyper-partisan. You are the one who marches in lockstep with the DNC. You are a good little Quisling.

With every new post you become more and more irrational. I am sort of afraid for what you will do next. But I know it will make me laugh.


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