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This is the board where you can talk Out of Character (OOC). For those of you using our old site still, please check out our New Site, courtesy of Hush.

Post here if you want to chat, ask questions, share suggestions, or discuss plots! The OOC board is a great place to recruit for your pack or search for threads. Keep in mind that any plots with specific roles or pup adoptions should be posted on the Plots Page, and that any character/player updates belong on the Updates board.

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Aging or quitting characters - this goes on the updates board.

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Riddle Winners!

The points are as follows:
Liberty: 10
Xathira: 6
And then a two way tie between Rini and Livia!

The prizes are as follows:
1) The ability to join a new Tempest that is not immediately related to Aindreas. This could mean a Tempest from the rainbow land who wasn't at the royal kingdom (aka not related to the Duma plot), it could be a far off relative of Aindreas et al... etc. Background just needs approved before being joined.

2)a new rainbow, with a need to talk to Xath about details

3)100 points for next season.

Liberty will get to choose first, and then Xathira will get to choose second. After that, depending on what prizes are left, the prizes may change to allow for prizes to the two tied 3rd placers!


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