Re(24): Format Change?

Obama announced his plans in 2014 you moron – 6 years into his administration AFTER he sent more troops which HE SAID he was going to do in 2008. Obama’s 2014 timeline didn’t work out, kind of like how no one threw rose pedals at US troops in Baghdad after a few days of bombing the shit out of them over lies. It’s a tragedy we are still living with the consequences of the destructive decisions of George W. Bush – who you voted for twice.

And the article you cited also had this little nugget – “The president's revamped plan was welcomed by several Republican presidential candidates, but some said 5,500 troops would not be enough.” You don’t support the war in Afghanistan but support and defend the President who got us into it in the first place, support politicians who want to send even more troops there, and 6 months later lie about criticizing your president for sending more troops in. And so opposed to the war in Afghanistan, but hey, let’s do some saber rattling with Pakistan. I think Trump will need a slightly bigger nuke button to really put a scare into them.

I assume you defend everything little thing Trump does because that is exactly what you do. You never come on here and start one of your random political threads criticizing him – you just defend him and regurgitate his lies and talking points. Gee, you know what is missing? A critique and acknowledgment of your Big Daddy’s position on Gitmo which you are just so morally opposed to. That says it all.

And down the list we go. Now on to lying about the Iran deal. Kind of hard to build a nuke when you have stopped enriching uranium, destroyed centrifuges, dismantled reactors, and are being monitored by the UN. But please mister libertarian peacenik, provide your sage wisdom on how we should deal with Iran? I can hear the crickets already.

Hey, you finally admit the truth- that you are a hypocritical wingnut asshole that really doesn’t give a shit about any of the issues you have been bitching about because you voted twice for the President responsible for many of them. Sorry fuckwad, you have never acknowledged any of your hero Bush’s mistakes. All you do is apologize for him and defend his policies – which are being put on steroids and being implemented by your beloved Donnie who you think is doing a terrific job.

Here are some things Obama did wrong – didn’t go after Wall Street banksters, didn’t implement a big enough stimulus, didn’t implement a public “Medicare for all” option on healthcare, was too hands off during the construction of the Obamacare website, agreed to hostage demands during the Republican manufactured debt ceiling crisis which resulted in the sequester, and his use of drones. Of course perhaps his biggest mistake was believing he could work with Republicans on anything and failing to realize that Republicans, absent of any popular ideas, would instead just stir their racist base into a frenzy about a black man having the nerve to be president. You being exhibit A. I’m sure I took the bait on that one because you’ll just continue to lie about my views on Obama– you are a Trump Nazi after all.

And some good ol’ fashioned Islamophobia combined with a dash of homophobia. Not quite full wingnut, REALITY, but certainly full of shit, YOUR TEACHER.


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