Re(1): forgot something

So what's your point? One needs to simply look at the mideast and its violent culture and educational ignorance of the arab youth to know that wherever they go, they will bring their violent culture with them.

Same problem with Hispanics in south LA. Germany is a warning for everyone else about allowing a failed culture into an advanced place.

Trump recognizes there's a problem but he's not equipped to fix it, despite his ego's overconfidence. Trump doesn't trust anyone who could actually fix things; he wants to do it himself. Remember narcissist?

Instead of taking pot shots from the outside, go to college, remember what you learned in sociology and write something too smart for your smartphone. Not that anyone in THIS pissant audience would understand it!

Smart remarks only entertain YOU. Otherwise they serve not purpose, not that automated radio needs to educate what few bipeds work in the field.

Put another way, if your remarks have no value in here, they probably also have no value in radio for your listeners who just want to hear the same songs over and over on their way to their boring jobs. Which is why they don't pay YOU shit!

Maybe advertisers have figured out to put most of their money in other media.


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