Re(25): Format Change?

So Obama DID say he was getting the US out of Afghanistan and then go back on it. Should I wait for my apology from you after you called me a liar?

Unlike you, I am an adult. I can support a politician on one thing and oppose him on another. I don't give a flying fuck if you believe me or not, but why would I lie? I always thought Afghanistan was a BAD IDEA. Once we were committed, of course I hoped we would be successful. I was VERY disappointed to hear that Trump was increasing involvement there. I think it is a mistake.

This is called being pragmatic, as opposed to being an ideologue.

Here are the Obama critiques I actually agree with you on. (Although you will somehow find a way to criticize me anyway). Yep, Obama was not tough enough on Wall Street banksters. As president-elect he endorsed the bailout. We should have hung those mother fuckers out to dry. Paulson lied to us all and sold Congress on a bill of goods. He initially said the bailout cash would go to individuals to shore up home loans, instead JP Morgan changed their charter to get some bailout cash, and then changed it back a few years later. Not only wouldn't I have bailed those greedy dirt bags out, I would have made sure a bunch of them went to jail. Instead they got bonuses. Please remind me, what happened to John Corzine? Oh yeah. NOTHING.

The drones too. Intentionally killing a US citizen with a drone strike with no due process, even in a war zone, is fucking murder.

The rest of that shit was just blather. Obama never TRIED to work with Republicans, he completely shut them out of the process.

My wisdom on Iran? Freeze them out of the global banking system. Isolate nations that are helping them. Let Israel off the chain. Kerry got rooked. The Iranians never took us seriously because we already had to many military commitments and were stretched thin. If you think that piece of paper is going to slow them down, I've got a bridge to sell you. John Kerry already bought it. Twice. Once coming and once going.

I know, I am Islamophobic. But any rational person should be. They are the ones catching the world on fire. I am not very scared of Buddhists. I wonder why?

How is it homophobic to suppose you might be gay? Do yo think there is something wrong with it? If you are, why the hell you want to support Muslims? You keep calling me a Nazi, well they collaborated with Hitler on a shared hatred of the Jews and the British. They are the most illiberal group around. They hate you for being Western and wealthy but most of all for being gay. And yet you go out of your way to overlook the crimes committed in the name of that Satanic religion.

I would have voted for Alan Keyes over George W. Bush any day of the week, but I wouldn't be virtue signaling like you idiots. Voting for a black man you agree with is not really a virtue. And voting for an unqualified black man because he is black, and will make history, certainly does not make you noble, it makes you a stooge.


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