Career Mistakes

There are worse decisions than deciding to sell time for a dying industry.

You could have enlisted in the Marines and been sent home in a box with honors.

Someone needs to write a book titled, "There IS life after Television." I'd point out that selling time is a little like making french fries or tacos when you were putting yourself through college.

Sorry to hear about your kid. Is he on the 'spectrum' like about 1 in 60 kids so far. We know something about that. I hope your insurance benefits do the job...they do what they can to get out from under high maintenance customers. We know something out THAT, too.

You may want to spend more time building your income and less time calling people 'asswipes' for warning you about career mistakes. Best time to move on is EARLY, before you get yourself pidgeonholed. I hear the best sales industry is selling pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.


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