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Once this place used to hold the yin and yang scenery of Blossom Field. Now, there are miles of winding tundra. To the north, this tundra is cruel and dry, with wisping weaves of tall grasses. The ground is cracked and cold, and it hardly is ever moistened by dearly desired rainfall. To the south, the tundra becomes more prosperous - meadows of flowers and herbs grace the ground. Part of this connects near Elebeam Weargtreow - however it is an impassible field of poppy, which will put any wolf trying to cross it into a deep slumber, and eventually die.

Those looking to hunt here will find mice, snakes, and rabbits, along with pronghorns, bison, and javalinas.


Lullaby of the Crucified

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a vexatious kiss

Some days were easier than others. Some days she could stomach looking into her own reflection and staring straight into the eyes of the creature she truly was. Soft lids blinked away tears, realizing she never knew the true color of her natural eyes, she never knew the duality that her eyes had characterized. Maybe it had been fate that Lucyne had saved her and her siblings. Bringing them into a new life and giving them the world, in all honesty. What orphaned pup could say they had a pack laid at their paws, ripe for the taking as soon as they came of age? Sure it was as rare as the heiress thought it to be. And though she had not been first in line, she had been content to settle in for a ranked position under her mother, and then her brother Rohan, but then all hell had broke lose within their little family. If Draven had ever been right, it was to assume that pups had not been the way to build an army, whether they were vampires or not. Pups were susceptible to sickness and harm, and even though they had all made it to young adolescence, it was clear that many of them hadnít been cut out for this life and maybe they should have been left to die Ė just as Draven had wanted. It was obvious, his abhorrence for the pups that Lucyne had brought home, and it was nearly impossible to forget.

Diosa was no exception to this unadulterated hatred.

Rather the heiress was really the pinnacle of his malice, even if he did not know it. Diosa, after her motherís mental break from reality, had been placed as the heiress to the pack. She was to be the next Alphess, the new Vampire Queen. And in all irony Lucyne could not have picked a more opposing child to take her spot. Diosa lived in a constant state of irony, because the life she lived within the confines of Caidir Olc was so malicious, cold, and calculating. Vehemently opposing the life she so dearly wished to hold onto, that she had never had. All she had wanted was to be mortal. To live and die as any other wolf would, but now she was twisted by the laws of nature to escape her immortality. For every season she lived her undead existence, she would forcibly take the blood of another regardless of the affect it had on them. There would always be the chance that her bite might mean death, turning, or nothing at all. She had luckily never watched anyone die at her paws, instead though she lived with the tortuous screams and agonizing pain of what her poisonous fangs could wreck upon another. Briseis had been the first wolf to be brought under her fangs and she had survived, but left Diosa traumatized with the sound of her agonized yowls and thrashing body. Thankfully now though, by miracle of Torr, Briseis had become immune to it and so began their twisted friendship. Briseis offered herself to Diosa as a way to feed each season without worry of some poor unsuspecting soul having to experience that hideous affliction. Although it was known now that Draven knew of the feeding, though not the identity of the feeder. And should he find out, it would be no surprise if Diosaís body was to turn up on the borders of Caidir Olc.

A soft huff of air, was let out into the cooling dusk air. The mud speckled heiressí crown was throbbing with the thought of everything that seemed to rest on her shoulders at this moment. The crown, the safety of her friend, the sanity of her mother, Dravenís raging hostility, and her own internal conflict. That sorrowful, hatred of who she naturally was, versus who she so desperately tried to be, but never would be. Diosa would never be normal. Forever would she remain a vampire, and heiress to the title that she abhorred and the stigmaís that came with it. She would be the Vampire Queen, stepping into her motherís pawsteps to fill them, but Diosa wanted to more than that. More than the insanity, the crazed affliction that ran through Lucyneís blood, more than the cravings, the seduction, more than Dravenís puppet Queen. She would be her own Queen, she would change the way they were seen as a species, she would prove them wrong! She would show the world that one ought to be judged by the imbued characters within their souls and not the color of their eyes. She was not inherently evil because of her species. No, Diosa was more than that. She would prove them wrong.

Strong, confident black pads pounded silently across the moss and bogs that constituted Caidir Olc. All of it blurred by her streaking black figure, as she raced the night. Chasing those last dying rays into the horizon as she escaped the confines of her pack. Diosa had no destination, no plan, and a blank slate for a mind. She did not think, she was of the mindset to act on impulse. She let her curiosity take over. The childish and immature pup that still sat somewhere confined in her heart, so rarely set free from its cage. Her rubies glimmered in the evening light as she focused her attentions, the sky radiated out in a rainbow a reddish, purple, and blue streaks from behind the clouds. This gave her enough coverage to roam out without any pain from the light, but it was still early enough she might run into other wolves. What she did not expect was to run into one literally.

So absorbed into her world, she did not hear him, see him, or even feel that magical pull that tugged on her. That so easily guided her in his direction, the drug induced sensation of needing him without even knowing him. Her paws beat steadily into the earth, a distinct 3 beat gait, like that of the loping equus or cervidae. Her crown had turned sideways to see the flash of blossoming flowers rush by her, leaving her clueless to the boy who stood not a few feet from her concealed within the blossoms. Her hind leg caught against him, not so hard as to be a kick to the ribs, but rather as if one of her own limbs had caught within his and pulled her footing out from under her. And so without warning her darkly hued figure went crashing nose first into the dirt. A loud thud of her chest hitting the ground and something akin to a yelp and grunt escaped her lips. Diosa laid there a moment before rising slowly to shake out the dirt and the pain of the fall. Her rubies turned back, to see what it was she had tripped over. She had expected a rock or a jutting root, but instead her vision seemed to be consumed by the magical hues canvassing his pelt. Pupils dilated and that distinct glow seemed to intensify as she stared helplessly, hopelessly at him, so utterly consumed by him. She padded forwards, all apologies stuck indistinctly in her throat. Her nose reached out to him, gently pressing into the golden scarf at his nape, Iím so sorry, I didnít see you thereÖ Her voice had taken a gentle tone, so soft, so concerned and yet it there was more to it.

Diosa was utterly lost in this moment. The brushing of his hairs against her nares scent an electrical pulse down her spine and all she could think was that she had to have him. She wanted him, to hoarde him, and keep for herself for no reason other than the undeniable, unyielding sensation she had to cloister him away. All for herself. She could not shake it and she did not want to. He was so pure, so beautiful. And in that instant she knew what he was, he was the gift of the gods Ė the Arcus Irae. How could she have been so lucky to have been blessed with this gift? Diosa pulled herself away from that rainbow, but she hovered unwilling to let him go. She knew that once he realized what she was, there was no way he would want to stay with her, but she would do anything to keep him. I didnít hurt you, did I? Is there anything I can do to help you? She mumbled quietly, murmuring. She didnít want to spook him more than she knew she already would, if he realized what sat in front of him.

a bittersweet abyss

||Diosa||Lucayaís Blood||Caidir Olc||Adolescent||Vampiric Princess||Alesana||

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