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Light cardio seems to have helped?

Keep in mind I'm a short, old, pudgy troll. I'm not super hip to smashing my joints to a pulp unless I'm going to get stronger.

Short answer: yes, light cardio seems to work both in facilitating recovery and assisting fat loss.

Long answer:
The fasted light cardio was supposed to facilitate fat loss versus actually causing fat loss. I can't say whether or not it worked as intended because I went on HRT at about the 3 month mark (when any enhanced fat loss should've started to kick in). Getting up to a clinically normal to high normal level of T did more for fat loss than anything else I've ever tried.

Were it not for the HRT, all it's taken to shift to fat loss mode was to start carefully measuring my food and cycle volume and intensity of walking. Just reading that last line makes me feel like a fat crybaby. Dammit.

If you think about systemic load a serious HIIT session is every bit as demanding as an max effort squat session. Why pound myself into the dirt doing stupid shit on a rower when I can just control my portion sizing and walk the dog for a few miles? If walking the dog is too easy add a weight vest, switch the terrain, vary frequency and duration.

Related issues here are nutritional periodization, annual load management, John Meadows' muscle building vs muscle sparing approach.

Also, it looks like a recent meta study points out fasted cardio may be a bust.


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