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Look pragmatic non-ideologue, Obama never campaigned on getting out of Afghanistan. Quite the contrary. He initiated a troop surge in 2009. After goals were met in 2011 he announced the beginning of troop withdrawals Ė which did happen. In 2013 he announced an end to combat operations. In 2014 he announced a TIMELINE for complete withdrawal BASED ON CONDITIONS AT THE TIME. A year later, conditions changed and he decided to keep a greatly scaled back force in place (around 8,400 troops down from 100k). Now as a pragmatic, non ideologue you typically should understand that these are complex decisions and the circumstances surrounding them are often fluid. Therefore it is understandable and not out of the ordinary for Presidents to change course. The fact that you reflexively call Obama a liar for this makes you sound much more like the hardcore right-wing ideologue you desperately pretend not to be. Iíll give you credit for being a slippery bastard but thatís all Iíll offer.

While I agree with your take on Wall Street banksters I find it a bit puzzling you support a President and a party that is giddily allowing Wall Street to go berserk once again (speaking of broken campaign promises). And Jon Corzine was Governor of New Jersey during the crash and ran into trouble a few years later on the collapse of MF Global which was completely unrelated to the crash. He also had to pay a $5 million dollar fine. Why are we talking about him again? Meanwhile our Treasury Secretary, one of several Goldman Sachs alums in this administration (another critique I have of Obama BTW) made his fortune on CDOís Ė the toxic sludge that helped tanked the economy. He obviously wasnít punished either.

Anyone who followed Obamaís first year in office would know that he and Democrats bent over backward to the point of adopting Republican policies to get Republican support despite having a super majority for part of the year and a large majority in the House. Obamacare was a REPUBLICAN idea. Chuck Grassley essentially wrote chunks of the bill. The stimulus was loaded up with tax cuts. The Republicans essentially gave Obama about 6 hours before they gathered at the Caucus Room Grill to meet with Frank Luntz and disgraced former Speaker Newt Gingrich to brainstorm ways to kneecap the new administration. Iíll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are just ignorant from marinating in right-wing hate media for so long.

I hate to break it to you but Iran was and largely still is shut out of the global banking system. Thatís part of why they came to the negotiating table in the first place. The merit of sanctions is a fine debate to have and an understandable position frankly but the fact is they advanced their nuclear program despite there being sanctions in place. Iranians are not fond of America or the West thereby giving the regime the excuse to build a nuclear arsenal to protect itself. The deal isnít perfect, diplomacy never is. But if you want to avoid another cluster fuck in the region it is really the only viable option. By all independent, rational measures Iran is complying with the deal. If Trump pulls out of it then Iran will absolutely build a nuke. Let Israel off the chain? How many nukes do they have again?

Unfortunately Reality you just canít quite make it through an entire post without diving into the fever swamps. Slandering more than a billion of your fellow inhabitants as Satan worshippers who are out destroy us based on their religious beliefs? Where I have heard that kind of thinking before? What a terrible thing to say about so many members of the military, police, fire departments, paramedics, teachers, doctors, etc. People should be allowed to freely practice their religious beliefs and not be demonized for them. I donít get on here trash evangelical Christians who think everyone who believes differently than they are inferior and will roast in hell for eternity (and if weíre being honest have a bit too much in common with these Muslim extremists). And if you think these predominantly Muslim countries are just breeding grounds for terrorists then why not have an immigration policy that brings children and young families over here? Let them have the opportunity to see that America and the West is not what the extremists say it is. Maybe then we can save a few bucks on drones and bombs and save plenty of lives in the process. But no, letís just demonize an entire religion for political purposes giving bulletin board material to the thugs in these bombed out hell holes to recruit new terrorists. God help us all if Trump tells a CIA Agent at Mar-a-Lago ďOk son, youíve covered your ass. Now go back to Washington.Ē Itís not a far leap from this kind of thinking to flipping a switch at the gas chambers. Even Bush was smart enough after 9/11 to nip that shit in the bud.

Ah, Alan Keyes and Donald Trump just define pragmatic, non-ideologue donít they?

A C for effort Reality, but once again an F for logic and facts.


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