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All of this talk about EFI is alot like the current tax stuff with our POTUS. I have yet to hear any complaints from those we are successful. It's always the ones who are jealous and don't want to have to "work" to get the top. They want a handicap. However the top tax payers are the ones who make the wheels of this country turn anyways.

EFI won't change anything from the fans POV.. The tractors that run on top will still be on top. And the bottom feeders will still be down there. Race engines still break and no EFI controller can prevent that. Except you'll hear some additional complaining about the initial cost from everyone.

Keep in mind, just like in the last mini rod thread, the only ones that brought this up were the guys with turbos. Although I'm sure Sonny's would be all about selling EFI components to his 4wd customers. But you won't see any 4wd puller get a BIG lead because he had EFI. For a N/A setup it's hard to see a difference. Unless they are hiding traction control, timing devices, or NOS.

EFI will give some of the turbocharged tractors the handicap that they are looking for. Ask any NHRA/PDRA Pro Mod racer. All of the turbo cars run EFI but not so many on the blower side (they don't need to because they already make consistent passes unlike a turbo car). Then the turbo cars still couldn't keep up so the organizations gave them a weight break. The guys that run turbos are either hoping the rules help them win, or they are a turbo supplier with a factory sponsored car. OR they claim to be die-hard innovators and just want to be able to be competitive. (which pulling used to be full of but now money has ruined that)

No blown drag racer that I have ever met has said that racing got any cheaper or that they are easier on parts with EFI onboard. They did however gather a lot of additional data from their engines with an additional cost. So many chose not to run it by choice.

The turbo and EFI suppliers were more than happy to help racers out of their wallet though. However if EFI is allowed you will see several new turbo combinations take place in pulling. It is proven that a turbo setup makes more power. Ask the average fan though and they could care less about whether a blown tractor or turbo tractor won. (The only reason we see anyone mention of a turbo tractor doing well is because we religiously follow pulling.)

Some pullers want EFI just because they are tired of losing by 50 feet. Others want it because they are computer geeks. The tops pullers could care less about EFI but they will bolt it on because it's "cool" and something new, so it has to better. Ask anyone in the pits if they want EFI and most of them will ask how much it costs, not how much money it will save them each summer. They will still lay parts on the track because they push their stuff to win. Just that now there will be a lot of expensive electronics on the ground mixed amongst the aluminium.

At the end of the day, EFI to me isn't the answer right now. An increased pursue from 25 years ago, when TNT gave away pickup trucks to the points champion was what pulling should have kept building off of. But the world of pulling as we know it today will not exist once the current pullers retire. The "rookies" today in each class already probably average 50 years old. No 20-30 year old kids will ever build a Mini Rod, SSO, or an Unlimited Mod. They would rather have a work stock diesel pickup to pull.

I would let NHRA/PDRA racers have a few more years to fine tune their EFI systems before we venture into the world of EFI for ALL pulling classes. EFI sure didn't save the NHRA Pro Stock class, and it didn't save the NASCAR Cup Series either. In fact for both it brought down the number of current engine builders. Yet the organizations thought they were "stuck in the past". And it proved to do the exact opposite of what they wanted.

Should PPL and NTPA allow EFI across the board and you will hear less bellyaching from a few today. But they will complain about something else tomorrow and probably get their weight break or added hitch height to still be a class filler. As it has be stated before and more times than not. Racing is about cubic dollars. Allowing EFI will only push the price tag a little further. You will only gather data showing how the engine blew up so you can push the engine harder in another area next time.

Growing up I was always told, that the guys who are successful aren't the ones who are pushing for a change. It always comes from someone lower on the list. So today it doesn't matter if it's EFI or the IRS


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