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The real problem is not USPA. It is IPL.

So, i wasnt going to address any of this any further, but after this and now JB, Coan, and many others attacking "uspa's" new approved list fees, i wanted to make a few things clear, as it seems many are missing the bigger picture.

I will start by saying. I am a USPA national judge. I've known steve around a decade and been involved in uspa since it's inception. I am only posting here, because i would like to remain anonymous.

First, the post above regarding sexual misconduct across tx and oklahoma: the above post is one mans version of what is going on. While much of it does seem to be true, it is heavily biased against uspa, as these things are not as big of a deal as he would like it to seem. Joe is really the only one who stepped out of line and has lost his position in the fed and his outside job because of it. I assume we will hear more about mr. Smolinski in the near future.

Equipment fees: the uspa, usapl, and wabdl are the only feds im aware of that charge a fee for having gear approved. Of the three, uspa charges the least by a significant margin.

Uspa: $500-first piece $250-any additional piece

Wabdl: $600-each piece

Usapl/ipf: up to $8,000 each piece.

Now i don't agree with any annual fee, but at this point i feel like people are mad for the wrong reason.

Ipl: the real cause for concern.

So, up until last year, steve and his team had focused most, if not all, attention to the states. Then all of the sudden, last year, we had a meet in russia with over 1,100 lifters registered. Many close to the fed wondered how this happened and how pur limited staff could accommodate. Outside of himself, only one international ref went to russia. Obviously this is an issue as you need international judges for an international meet. Turns out Steve, of his own accord, grandfathered about 15 russian judges in to international status. Many close to the fed voiced concerns. This has now happened in four seperate countries. And without warning, worlds has now been moved to moscow, with two hong kong meets listed, as well as meets in australial, great Britain, and greece.

It seems steve has taken notice of the worldwide desire to compete outside of ipf and decide that uspa will take a back seat. We now have (in my opinion) under qualified judges, meet directors and leaders in every country. Steve has violated his own rules to ensure the money keeps rolling in. He has handed over the keys to the kingdom, after seeing how much money could be made.That is why all these new fees are being imposed. Uniformity is absolutely necessary across borders to keep meets consistent.

The problem with this is many people chose uspa to get away from the money grubbing ipf, and we are taking large strides in that direction every day.

I am currently rethinking whether or not i will remain active in uspa.


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