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Re(1): Light cardio seems to have helped?

Appreciate the additional feedback.

My HIIT sessions are probably only about 65-75% the intensity of, say, doing Airdyne bike sprints or something like that (running fast in place or doing "invisible jump rope" intervals don't tax nearly as much), but I actually could change things up a bit and will probably just do some 30 minutes walks keeping heart rate in the target zone for my aging heart. I never feel completely beat up by them, but I'm sure my body wouldn't mind a bit of a change.

Personally, I don't want to do more cardio than the bare minimum, but since I'm literally working to try and lose the last 6-8 lbs. or so of crap weight that I've never been free from in my 43 years, I'm just trying to figure out how to get there in the shortest time possible since my diet cycles usually end up a one step forward, 2 steps back situation.

Paying attention to proper eating while on a structured plan isn't hard for me, rather, it's the "off season" times when I'm not worrying about it that I can watch my bodyweight shoot up 10% in just 2-3 weeks when I drop the self-control. Then it's another 2 months to get back to square one, make a bit more progress, and eventually fall into the same trap. IF seems like an easier way to just eat normally for me to make the last progress and THEN just follow it for maintenance/slow gaining.

Thanks for the additional input on this, definitely appreciated.


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