Re(6): forgot something

You self-righteous liberals - - Democraps, Progressives, whatever-the-hell you choose to call yourselves this week - are the ones who have failed blacks.

You've had OVER 150 YEARS since the end of the Civil War to fix things, and what have you brought to blacks?

Promises and half-assed government programs are all you've given blacks. Programs that are political boondoggles, ineptly run, over-funded, wasteful programs that are meant for one thing: buying black votes.

Sit in your $1,000,000 JoCo house, on our totally white cul-de-sac and marvel at how integrated your life is: ONE black doctor and a few black nurses at your local clinic; TWO black teachers and two or three black kids at your kids' schools...

Lemme think - there MUST be a few more. How 'bout all those black kids who work at the BBQ place on State Line. Can we include them? Isn't that diversity???


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