Re(27): Format Change?

Now you have morphed into the "school teacher". Funniest incarnation yet, especially since you have such a tenuous hold on reality. You even gave me a typical liberal grade at the end which graded my effort.

Let me give you a clue. You are not my teacher, I am not your student. This is not a classroom. That smug, sanctimonious tone of yours is a RIOT. Like a child walking around in his father's loafers.

Let the real lesson begin. HILLARY was the Wall Street candidate last election. If you debate this you are more of an idiot that I can even fathom.

"Obamacare was a REPUBLICAN idea." You are fucking DELUSIONAL. I guess that is why NONE of them voted for it. Typical. Obamacare is a miserable failure, but is somehow the fault of Republicans. Only you could attempt to twist things so badly. Like most of your screeds, you must be parroting somebody else's script. And that is the funniest thing of all, the Democrat spin doctors are trial ballooning blaming Republicans for Obamacare. Even with the populace dumbed down by liberal schools, this shit won't fly. ITS CALLED OBAMACARE, like after the President. Fuck you are stupid.

Obama eased the sanctions against Iran. Obama released billions of their frozen cash. Iran got something concrete, Kerry got promises. The financial and trade sanctions were working. That and Stuxnet dramatically slowed Iran's progress. And yes, Israel is assumed to have nukes, but has never threatened anyone with them. Israel is just another subject you think you are well informed about, yet know nothing.

And you don't know shit about Islam. Just because I think their religion is BS doesn't mean I hate Muslims. I pity them. They, like you, are trapped in a false belief system. And now you are comparing Trump to Hitler again with your gas chamber analogies. It was the Grand Mufti of the Wafq who supported the Nazi final solution. You are to ignorant to know, but almost all the leaders of the former Turkish ruled caliphate supported Hitler precisely because his his policy of killing Jews. All Trump wants to do is TEMPORARILY limit immigration from countries who export Islamic terrorists.

You really need that class in logic. Straw Man, false equivalency are your stock in trade. Just because I voted for Trump, and Keyes (when he ran for Senate against Obama), doesn't mean I am not a pragmatist, even if they aren't.

Now go back to the teacher's lounge and mop the place up. It smells of failure and desperation in there.


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