Jim Ulinik

You really need to leave this room. You remain a mental narcissist, chasing me for 15 years like nutcase Trump the classic Narcissist!

Leave me alone, wannabee bully and narcissist. Its not your job to chase me around for 15 years and trash me by name.

If you cruize here and identify me, don't' waste time outing me. Just write your retorts of your own CONTRARY opinions. Just use your JIM OLENICK handle and write a decent essay Disagreeing.

We should be way past this trashing, Jim, don't you think? We all know youre the smallest 1 band ad agency in town...so don't blow yourself up our asses.

You're not IN radio, you're a 1 man band radio buyer (spot customer) and that's IT for a few (we assume) commercial buyers. That's it.

Small time stuff. (I thought my own dad was small time as an ad agency, but you are a 1 man band not to be taken all that seriously unless you (probably don't) represent a corporate national ad buyer!

After all this time, Jim, we would expect MUCH MORE internet visibility for your MATURE AGENCY and lots of national accounts. (Hell, my dad and some and he wasnt a major player at all!)

Maybe like narcissistic Trump, you brag way too much for your accomplishment in RADIO and all else you DO!!

That said, GO THE FUCK AWAY, Jim Oleneki, 1-man band buyer of small time radio spots!

In any case, if you were the 'heavyweight' you act like then radio salesmen would be all over this page SUCKING UP FOR YOUR BUYS.

Not seein it, Jim Olenek, Why not??


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