EFI Costs

The costs for an EFI system was asked here.

It really varies and depends what you want the system to do.
On the low end:
If you take a system that you can only program a fuel and spark curve into, going by rpm and absolute manifold pressure (like what I got for my engines now) and you do the wiring yourself, the "electronic" stuff can be less than 1500 $ per engine.
The MS3 Pro (https://www.diyautotune.com/product/ms3pro-ultimate-standalone-engine-management-system/) can already do quite a lot and would be more than sufficient for what we do.
Then you of course need injectors and coils. Coils are like 75$ each and injectors prices depend on the amount of flow. You can get along with OEM Bosch LPG injectors up to app 300 hp per cylinder (on methanol), using two 55$ injectors per cylinder, intercooler and / or water injection (we're using a hell lof of fuel just for cooling). You can of course combine a mechanical circuit with an EFI circuit (one flowed set of nozzles that open up, once you have reached the limit of your electric injectors) and get that done pretty cheaply.

Plus fuel pressure regulator, fuel rails and fuel pump.
Those computers usually allow for data logging already (record to an Android tablet, which you can also use as dash bord).

Of course you can go all fancy and buy a "bolt on kit" for 5000 $ from Holley, spend another 3500 $ in injectors, hook it up to your race pack and pay a guy some dyno and tuning sessions.

In the end - price depends a lot on how much time you are willing to spend on understanding these systems. The electric components are not really what cost the money. Injectors are one of the major expenses from a certain point on.

It's also difficult to compare "mechanical fuel injection only" to Computer that will do data logging, ignition and fuel. There are very simple computer doing fuel and ignition only, that can be bought as kits for less than 500 $.


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