Re(1): Jim Ulinik

Yep you got me Briron, I am a small time buyer now, but my radio life was 10 times what your mistake of life was. I have not bragged one whit, everything I have written about myself is true.

Now a comparison between your radio experience and mine

You quit and the bosses let you go. You know nothing about how money works in radio, your knowledge of programming you hear daily, just listen you may learn something. The only thing you have done, and done without merit, is rip and read AP copy, remember how to change the ribbon? Hell you have even forgotten how to proof read you posts, you blame your writing errors on the sysop for this site. Come on when most are as ignorant of a subject as you are they give up and let the professionals work.

I have worked in a top ten market, I have managed radio stations, I have mentored very successful radio professionals. Real Radio reps know my number and call or write me direct, why the hell would they suck up to me here, this is not the center of the radio world.

God more ignorant bull shit from a wanna be radio rip and reader.


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