Re(28): Format Change?

I wasn’t aware grades were a liberal concept. Doesn’t your Big Daddy brag/lie about what great grades he got at all the great, elitist, liberal schools he attended? I mean he is a “very stable genius” and “like really smart” because of these great liberal grades at liberal schools. What’s a Trump/Fredo Nazi such as yourself to do now?

Hey newsflash Nazi – Hillary isn’t president. And although she wouldn’t have been as tough on Wall Street as I’d like I have a feeling she wouldn’t be gutting Dodd-Frank, the CFPB, or giving them my tax dollars to fund their tax breaks they’ll use to increase their stock prices. Your Big Daddy is doing all of those things– and he has proving over and over and over again he was lying his ass off about being tough on Wall Street. And you are proving over and over and over again how completely full of shit you are. But you are a worthless Nazi troll – goes with the territory.

Look up the HEART Act from 1993 – Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley would disagree with your assertion that Obamacare was built on a foundation of Con ideas. Actually they would probably agree with you because they are liars – just like you. But I’m sure in your simple wingnut mind Obamacare was entirely put together by Obama in full Kenyan garb in his secret mosque at the White House. There, Obama, Pelosi, Hillary, Huma, John Podesta, George Soros, Bill Ayers, Anthony Weiner, Jeremiah Wright, and Sidney Blumenthal first conducted a séance to summon the ghost of Saul Alinsky and then proceeded to plot the first step in imposing Sharia Law and Socialism by handing private insurance companies millions of new customers.

I’m not an expert on Islam but I know that the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not harbor extremist views just as I know the overwhelming majority of evangelical Christians don’t support bombing abortion clinics or shooting doctors in the head who perform abortions in a church. You, being a Nazi, lump them all together. If there is another terrorist attack in this country carried out by Islamic extremists I’m guessing Trump Nazis such as yourself won’t bother making the distinction. You certainly don’t now.

Yes, Obama eased sanctions in exchange for them giving up their nuclear weapon program which they were developing while sanctions were in place and while they were shut out of the global banking system you jackass. If Big Daddy has his way Iran will go right back to developing a weapon. Probably what he and you want though, right? You partisan wingnuts just love a good war where Arabs are butchered or displaced. Just like the Bush Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which you supported, remember? Maybe with a war in Iran we can send a few of them to Gitmo – which you and Big Daddy support as well. Right, Israel has never threatened anyone. Even Big Daddy’s buddy Bibi would find that funny.

It wouldn’t be a Reality Nazi rant without a Straw Man reference. It’s amazing how when I read Trump Nazi propaganda online the false accusation of using a Straw Man when their propaganda and lies are shot down is used constantly. Do they teach you to reflexively use that in trolling training when your ass is handed to you? Do you get grades in that or participation trophies? Wasn’t sure how they dealt with that at Trump U.

“Just because I voted for Trump, and Keyes (when he ran for Senate against Obama), doesn't mean I am not a pragmatist, even if they aren't. “

Just priceless. Again, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously partisan wingnut?


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