Re(29): Format Change?

"I wasnít aware grades were a liberal concept." -they aren't. Grading effort is.

"Hillary isnít president." - Thank god.
Her husband weakened Glass-Steagall. She received more Wall Street cash than Trump, especially from the evil Hedge Fund dickbirds.

They didn't give her all that cash for nothing. More crony-capitalism.

"..overwhelming majority of Muslims do not harbor extremist views" - no, they do, they just don't act on them. They also won't condemn those who do.
And you bring up some violent acts carried out by "Christians". There is a qualitative similarity, but a quantitative difference. A huge one. You are the idiot lumping them together. By trying to paper over the reasons and people responsible for terrorism, you have become complicit in their actions. You have blood on your hands.

Iran has not stopped building a nuke, you only say so because of politics. The IAEA is a most ineffective agency. The A.Q. Khan network developed and disseminated nuclear designs to other Muslim countries right under their noses. Iran is still at work, and will have the bomb soon. You are a wantonly stupid Pollyanna to think differently.

If you are sick of me citing Straw Man, I am twice as sick of you using it. All of your arguments have NO basis in logic and are simply polemics. Fine. Just know that eventually the truth wins out, and you and your whole rotten bunch are on borrowed time.

You used the word "nazi" 5 times in your last rant. You are like a child with a new word, using it for every purpose with no idea of its meaning. It is quite humorous. I'll bet you can manage to work it in in every sentence you use.

You are the one who supports violence in shutting down free speech. You are the one who supports socialism. You are the one who uses political correctness to stifle language. You are the one who hates Israel. You are the one who excuses Muslim violence. You are the one who worships government. You are the fascist.

And I have to laugh again at how stupid you are. "Obamacare was a REPUBLICAN idea." Please, oh please, keeps saying that shit. Nothing I could write here could possibly discredit you as much as you did yourself. I want you to say it again. Please explain it point by point. I can't wait. I always need a good laugh on Mondays.


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