Re(2): Career Mistakes

Jim, I know you want to participate in here so badly, but honestly no one but me ever talks to you. I don't think you'll win friends cheerleading for production radio people or time salesmen. I'm not wallowing, I'm retired and have been for almost ten years. And retired from radio since about 1980. Fact is, TV was way more fun and when you work at an affiliate, you reach a third of the available audience every night.

I admit the exposure isn't so much of a rush for reporting staff back in the day. Your face looks familiar but they can't quite place you. Back then it only made cashing checks easier cuz they thought you were a familiar, regular customer. I probably said that to you maybe 15 years ago. I'm sure you have all my posts in your archives. And you talk to ME about needing a 'life', huh, Jim? You need to worry about YOUR wallowing, bud. Not mine. I'm havin fun. Not to worry. I just stop by to see how you're doing just like I stop by the news to see the depth of TRump's sickness. Its just entertainment! We all feel better about ourselves when we see others have it worse. Imagine... a billionaire who wasn't able to fix himself with all that money! That's just gotta suck, huh?


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