Re(30): Format Change?

Grading effort? What the hell does that even mean? You got an F in history due to liberal bias? I could see you thinking that.

Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. How sad is it that you vanquished the anti-Christ but are still so threatened by her? Better put her in jail. Especially now that the voter suppression committee Big Daddy set up had to be disbanded because Trump was lying about millions of illegal voters.

Let’s see what Trump has done since taking office after lying about being tough on Wall St:

Ordered Goldman Sachs alum and housing crisis profiteer Mnuchin to gut Dodd-Frank, put his lackey and bought and paid for hack Mulvaney to gut the CFPB, allowed investment firms to advise their clients to make risky investments because they’ll get a cut of the action from the fund without having to divulge any of this information, and of course Wall Street will benefit enormously from the Trump Family’s 50 million dollar tax cut to themselves because they’ll have their taxes cut enormously and stock prices will go up due to buy backs.

Do you discuss with your Muslim friends how they really hate you and want to kill you? Evangelical Christians shouldn’t be lumped in with Evangelical Christian terrorists but all Muslims should be lumped in with Muslim terrorists. And now I’m responsible for terrorism because I believe in human rights. And you wonder why I call you a Nazi? And a hypocrite? And a moron?

Your Big Daddy’s own secretary of state says Iran is complying with the deal as does the IAEA. Probably why your Big Daddy wants to fire his ass because he and his Nazi base (you included) thirst for that Arab bloodshed – just like you did when Dubya was President and you voted for him twice. But it’s CBS though. FAKE NEWS!

Me shutting down your lies, propaganda, falsehoods, and ignorance that YOU are bringing up is not me making straw man arguments. It’s me proving what a wingnut imbecile you are. A whole paragraph devoted to it though. Looks like I touched another nerve.

I’d stop calling you a Nazi if you stopped acting like one. Entire segments of the population responsible for the ills of society? Check. Wanting to punish your political and societal opposition? Check. Waging war on independent media outlets? Check. Disputing basic facts and information? Check. Spreading lies and propaganda? Check. Defending/lying about Trump Nazi terrorists in Charlottesville? Check.

And your back at it again. As I’ve said – WHEN ARMED NAZIS SHOW UP WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN? AND YOU DEFEND IT AS FREE SPEECH YOU LYING FUCKING NAZI SCUM. You want to talk about blood on your hands, well it’s on yours asshole. Supporting Trump Nazi terrorist attacks and wars in the Middle East. Go fuck yourself and go back to your NFL boycott you hypocritical wingnut piece of shit.

The individual mandate which your Big Daddy just repealed that will result in millions losing insurance and everyone seeing their premiums jump in order to pay for the 50 or so million tax cut he and his crime syndicate family will receive is the core of Obamacare – as your Big Daddy admits. And tt is a Republican idea you fucking Nazi liar.

Here is a paper written by Stuart Butler at the socialist Heritage Foundation in 1989…

The HEART Act in 1993 had 20 Con co-sponsors. Guess what? It had a mandate.

And the candidate you supported enthusiastically in 2012 IMPLEMENTED IT IN HIS OWN FUCKING STATE WHEN HE WAS GOVERNOR.

And communist Jim DeMint who used to run the socialist Heritage Foundation said the mandate based healthcare was “making freedom work for everyone.”

But it’s all fake news and means nothing and now I’m going to move on to whining about more horseshit spoon fed to me from right wing hate media.

You are a filthy, lying, bastard, troll.


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