Kinda, Sorta, Ya Know...

Everybody from the “average Joe” call-in to supposedly learned people being interviewed on the radio feel like they have to say, “kinda,” “sorta,” and “ya know, ya know,” repeatedly, while on the air. It’s annoying as hell, and I’m here to do MORE than just complain - I’ve got a SOLUTION: the bleep censor.

Radio already has the seven-second delay to delete cussing and things like the dreaded “n-word.” Why not delete kinda, sorta, and ya know? I realize the censoring will put MASSIVE gaps in the calls and interviews of some people, but – (a) I’d rather listen to the gaps, and (b) if people start noticing how foolish the gaps make them sound, maybe they’ll clean up their language and stop saying kinda, sorta, and ya know.


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