Re(14): they are everywhere

Someone who supports the new Berlin wall that Mexico won’t be paying for, supports a President who has endorsed legislation that would reduce LEGAL immigration, and supports a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to establish a white ethno state lecturing anyone about eugenics is rich. The reason I cited the article was because I instantly knew where you were headed. Every time you Trump Nazis mention Sanger you spout the line that she supported killing off black people through abortion. You’ve cited it before on here and it is a blatant lie. Unfortunately people of all political stripes, including Teddy Roosevelt, supported some forms of eugenics theories. Of course it was also the 19 fucking 20’s. You know who else did? Congressional REPUBLICANS at the time. The Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 being a prime example. REPUBLICAN president Calvin Coolidge said “America must remain America.” Hmmm, what does that remind me of?

Oh yeah, and here’s your idol and big daddy - “Well I think I was born with the drive for success because I have a certain gene.“I'm a gene believer... Hey, when you connect two race horses, you usually end up with a fast horse. “I had a good gene pool from the standpoint of that, so I was pretty much driven.”You support him so I guess you support eugenics. Wingnut logic 101!

No comment on that from you of course and I won’t expect one because you are a hypocritical Nazi troll fuck.

And on down the Trump Nazi troll checklist. Your thoughts on abortion further illustrate that you are the definition of a disingenuous piece of shit. So let me get this straight. Women have the right to choose? Yet here you are ranting about Planned Parenthood which you want to shut down despite the fact that it PROVIDES REPRODUCTUVE CHOICES (i.e. birth control) for women, often for free. And then there are the infinite number of right wing hacks who don’t want health insurance plans to cover birth control. I know you’re on board with that. So basically you don’t want women to have any choice – which would be enforced motherhood. Not that you have a problem with this. “When they are pregnant they have already made said choice.” Right, if those sluts didn’t want to get pregnant then they shouldn’t have had dirty sinful sex. And of course once the baby is born then we don’t want to have any kind of safety net to help the mother and child get on their feet after an unplanned pregnancy. No, they need to be shamed and punished for their slutty sinful behavior and be outcasts in society. Well, unless it is you or some other “pro-life” Christian who does the impregnating – then it’s blank check time to pay for the abortion. What scum you people are.

Gitmo, war, Wall Street, and now abortion. Yep, you are a disingenuous piece of shit.

Now you’re comparing yourself to a hen? And quoting Lincoln. I don’t think the “conservative history loving Southerners” would be impressed! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Jesus, for your sake I hope you’re just about done with the Trump Nazi troll checklist. Either way I’ll await more lies from you which I will tear apart. Either that or another thread you start up pretending to be me. Hope you took your meds today so that can be avoided at least.


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