Re(15): they are everywhere

"Iíll await more lies from you which I will tear apart"

Like the last one dear Nazi's Fail's? The one where you posted an article that contradicted your own position?

As if women could ONLY go to Planned Parenthood for "reproductive choices"? There are many places to go for contraception, but women go to Planned Parenthood to get abortions. You must think everybody is as stupid as you are.

And that contraception that they get isn't free you idiot. Somebody pays for it all. It isn't free to me. Some of my federal taxes get spent there. But everybody knows women may get certain other things there, but the primary mission of Planned Parenthood is KILLING BABIES. So you are an evil ghoul who enjoys baby killing. Embrace it. Save some parts for your spirit cooking. Worship your dark lord.

"Right, if those sluts didnít want to get pregnant then they shouldnít have had dirty sinful sex." You are the one making value judgements. I just pointed out when the choice happens. Good try moving the goalpost though.

"another thread you start up pretending to be me." - add paranoia to the ever lengthening list of your symptoms.

4 uses of Nazi in your last is becoming like the word "smurf". Comical.


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