Re(16): they are everywhere

I never denied that Sanger advocated certain eugenics theories like many mainstream thinkers and politicians did at the time – including Congressional REPUBLICANS who put forth an immigration policy that, in part, restricted entry into the country by European Jews. Wow, didn’t realize the country was run by Nazis in the 1920’s according to your wingnut logic. Just because she or they did doesn’t make them Nazi sympathizers. Actually, Sanger was an outspoken critic of the Nazis early on in 1933…

“All the news from Germany is sad & horrible and to me more dangerous than any other war going on any where because it has so many good people who applaud the atrocities & claim its right. The sudden antagonism in Germany against the Jews & the vitriolic hatred of them is spreading underground here & is far more dangerous than the aggressive policy of the Japanese in Manchuria."

See, that's what us sane people refer to as an actual quote taken in context.

Meanwhile, you support a President who believes in eugenics, believes he and his family are genetically superior. He also is a Nazi sympathizer. You support him and defend Nazi terrorism as “free speech.” Those facts just continue to give you problems don’t they?

Now some lies about Planned Parenthood. No, their primary mission isn’t to kill babies.

See Trump Nazi and uber wingnut, if you were really opposed to abortion you wouldn't be slandering and lying about Planned Parenthood. You would want accessible birth control. You would want sex education taught in schools. You would want a strong safety net. You would want affordable and strong public education as well as affordable health care. But you don't want any of those things. You want to ban abortions, criminalize birth control, make health care and education unaffordable, gut the safety net, and want abstinence only to be taught in schools. In other words, you want to impose your extremist religious views on everyone. Gee, what does that sound like? And don’t lecture me about killing babies. Never mind the fact that you have no problem bombing the shit out of poor countries indiscriminately, executing inmates, and refusing to allow children from war torn hell holes to come into the country because of their religion and ethnicity. You don't give two shits about these babies once they're out of the womb. If a young woman is trying to make ends meet and seeks some form of assistance your response is - "Too bad slut, shouldn't have gotten knocked up. You're not getting my money." In other words, you want to create an environment where if a young woman were to become pregnant unexpectedly they would have every reason in the world to want to end the pregnancy or not enough knowledge and resources to avoid it. Abortions would sky rocket if you had your way – probably exactly what you want though. Criminalizing it would allow you to punish those women who shot you nazis down or didn't pay sufficient attention to you. Imprisoning them or...something else...would all them to "cleansed" from the white ethno state you and your heroes Dick Spencer and his good friend and Trump adviser Steve Miller yearn for.

Yes, you did point out the “choice.” I guess women “choose” to get raped or assaulted too, right? You're just a worthless Trump Nazi troll, but you are still are a toxic fucking asshole.

Why are you now lying about Planned Parenthood again? Oh right? Because you have been caught 1) lying about not being a racist 2) lying about Trump’s Charlottesville remarks 3) lying about Trump’s approval numbers 4) Lying about Trump’s “accomplishments” 5) lying about disagreeing with George W. Bush 6) lying about not supporting Gitmo 7) Lying about not supporting the war in Afghanistan and Iraq 8) Lying about how you want to be tough on banksters 9) Lying about how Obamacare wasn’t chock full of Con ideas, 10) Lying about Obama's campaign rhetoric 11) Lying about the Iran deal.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a few dozen at this point but I think that sums it up. What's next on the Trump Troll Checklist? Or is it time for you to head over to Rotten Tomatoes and write up some more posts trashing Star Wars for having too many women in it? Do you use the same 30 handles there that you use here? Oh! Or maybe it's time for your Prozac and Big Mac in bed with Hannity? Just like Big Daddy.


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