Re(19): they are everywhere

Hey Nazi's Fail's
You always have so much fun arguing with the Straw Men that you created. You must be a master bater. You should try arguing against what I wrote.

Like anybody is arguing to have rape victims forced to give birth. Its pretty easy to argue against that position, which is why you want to claim I support it. But I don't. I never even said I would be in favor of making all abortions illegal. You are arguing with yourself on that point. Maybe you can at least win that one! But it is you who supports 3rd trimester abortions. I haven't heard you refute that. Fucking baby killer.

Obamacare was passed without a single Republican vote in the middle of the night without anybody having read it. That is how Republican it was. Saying Obamacare is a Republican idea is just silly. Own it.

You have NO IDEA what Trump plans to do with Wall Street. His own party has been fighting him most of the year. And why didn't Obama do shit about it for his 8 years? Hmmmm? What about Bill Clinton? He weakened Glass-Steagall. What about Barney Frank and the failure of Fannie Mae? You would like to blame Republicans for everything, but in truth Wall Street owns BOTH parties. And it owned Hillary lock stock and barrel.

And Iran is still building a nuke.

Iran also is continuing its missile program to deliver a nuke, and breaking agreements.

Yet because Obama and Kerry negotiated it, you still continue to support it. Fucking partisan traitor.

I already said I opposed Trump's Gitmo policy. But you call me a liar for saying so. So am I lying just so I can criticize Obama for never closing it? I didn't need to admit that for Obama's broken promise to be a FACT. Your reasoning sucks. And we weren't even talking about Trump's policy on Gitmo in the first place. I pointed out Obama broke a promise to close it. And you went through all sorts of machinations to try and excuse it. Fuck you. He broke his promise. And you, like a little child, can't admit his failure. Pretty simple. Obama ran on closing Gitmo because it was popular. Think about that. When he said it, back in 2007, BOTH of us agreed it was a good idea. Me the pragmatist, and you the left wing kook. We both supported it. It helped him win the White House. But then Obama didn't close Gitmo. And those are the fucking facts. I am sorry if you want to make all sorts of excuses and blame others and bash Trump. The facts are the facts. Cut and dried. And still you persist. Douchebag.

And we have been over this shit time and again. You change the subject and twist the debate and ignore evidence that doesn't suit you.

What is the point? I used to laugh at how stupid you were, and now I can almost predict what lame shit you are going to say next. Boring.

And really am I a nazi? The worst regime in all history, and I am just like them? Hyperbole much dickhead? Exaggeration much asswipe? Unlike you, I support free speech. You are so sloppy that you ended up proving my point yourself on several occasions.

Please go fuck yourself, and argue with yourself some more.


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