Re(8): Jim Ulinek

Wow, what a comnent! Maybe Jim now realizes this is not about him alone and his lifelong antagonist! Other petty radio people will also cheep on him!

If he really cared about radio, he'd cheer-lead for it, (for some misguided reason) like he does to his customers and not just trash some guy like me, he doesn't know at all for so many years in his sickness.

(*Fixing Jim requires way more psych letters after my name than I actually HAVE!)

The point of this msg is to suggest to Jim he needs to redirect his hate or interest to something more, uh, productive. Like suggesting to corporate radio to refocus less on only profits and more on community service, which is what radio was originally invented to DO on those allocated radio freqs back during the Comm Act of 1934!

Radio's corporate focus is now only about adv sales, not community service! Duh!


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